Syndicated mortgage funds

SunPros Financial Group Ltd now presents you the syndicated mortgage fund, which the choice of low risk and high return investment. There are characteristic of Canadian syndicated funds. The biggest one is low risk, and then syndicated funds have enough mortgages. Also, the lien of syndicated funds could be retrospect, and it has stable return and interest, which is around 8%-12% annually. If the contract is broken, you could sell the land pledged to you to get your principal back without vendor's permission. The investment type is also variable, not only you can choose cash; you could also use RRSP, LIRA, RIF, LIF, RESP, TFSA. If you use those account to make the investment, you could even merge two accounts to reach the lowest investment amount.

1. The characteristics of the Canadian syndicated mortgage funds
  • The first feature of syndicated fund is the low risk as syndicated fund has enough mortgage, retrospective lien, stable payment term and fixed interest. If the contract is broken, you could sell the land pledge without vendor's permission. Due to the severe financial supervision environment in Canada, the mortgage investigating standard maintains high quality in the mortgage market. According to statistics, the second mortgage breach rate in Canada is approximate 2%, as the American first mortgage breach rate.
  • The second feature of the syndicated fund is the high return. From the market condition, the interest rate is approximately 6% to 8% for the first mortgage market and 8% to 10% for second mortgage market with extra commission charge.
  • The third feature is that non-residents and foreign institutions are both qualified to invest the syndicated fund.

2. The characteristics of the new-style combined real estate development investment
1) Approved by government, guaranteed by real estate project and supervised by lawyers;

2) The investors gain fixed return every year, generally over 8% plus 4% bonus; at the end of the project, all the principal and interest will be returned to the investors with a 2-year, 3-year or 4-year term options;
3) Every transaction is negotiated by licensed mortgage agents and layers with all items insured.

3. Investment pattern and amount
The combined real estate development investment project provides fixed return, but it cannot be pulled out or transferred within the mortgage term. The project can be invested through cash, RRSP, RESP and TFSA with a minimum amount of $25,000 and no upper limit. If the client chooses to invest in the project by registered account, he/she could combine two registered accounts to meet the minimum investment amount with flexibility, such as $15,000 from RRSP and $10,000 from TFSA.