SunPros Real Estate Investment Ltd

As an Toronto based real estate investment corporation, we own, manage and invest in high-quality, well-located, geographically diversified assets across Toronto. As a responsible partner, we are skilled in risk control and can assist in providing market, financial, feasibility analysis, obtaining land development rights, building and developing real estate, helping you to make rational investment and avoiding potential risks.
SunPros Real Estate Investment Ltd will lead you to success!
Canada, as one of the most livable countries in the world, has the world's highest air quality and an excellent environment covered by large areas of vegetation; therefore, it continues to attract potential real-estate buyers and investors from all over the world.  In the past two years, Toronto's housing market has become increasingly thriving, and real estate investment has become a hot topic.
Toronto, as one of the largest cities in North America, is confronted with the increasingly tense real estate resources. Primarily, real estate resources of the GTA have largely restricted by the green areas protected by the law, rendering the properties in North York, Markham, and Richmond Hill highly valuable. In addition, as the purchasing power of overseas customers, especially Chinese customers, continues to be robust, more capital will be injected into the real estate market. The scarcity of land resources and the rise in external purchasing power have pushed the level of return regarding the real estate investment to a new milestone.
We have been committed to becoming your ideal investment partner!
First of all, we have qualified, licensed and experienced personnel to provide professional investment analyses and real estate advice. Second, as a subsidiary of SunPros International Group, we have other branch companies specialized in immigration and accounting, which are mature businesses that we can rely on. Moreover, compared with other similar companies, we do have distinct advantages, such as the majority of customer bases, the knowledgeable choice of district communities and the familiarity of accounting and taxation information. These capabilities will allow SunPros International Real Estate Investment to fully analyze the favorable situation and avoid potential risks and pitfalls. Last but not least, SunPros International Real Estate Investment itself has a good reserve of land resources and is always pay close attention to the prospects of the region with maintaining a serious professional attitude, and focusing on the direction that pointed out to high-quality real estate investment.

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