SunPros International Consulting Ltd 

SunPros International Consulting Ltd has centered on providing reliable human resources, international education and immigration consulting services, in the years of professionalism, integrity, patience, and concern for the purpose of serving our customers wholeheartedly. We have featured HR pre-job training and a wealth of experience in school applications, and we provide new immigrant with settlement services. SunPros International Consulting, the consulting firm you can trust.

Human Resources Services
  • Our solid customer base offers job seekers a variety of job recommendations
  • Our experienced lecturers provide valuable workplace experience
  • Real typical case as pre-service training for job-seekers
  • Frequently updated interview questions and professional feedbacks
  • Relevant accounting training is preferred as an accounting professional
We Open Your Career Door 

Ontario - and Toronto in particular - has become one of North America's top three financial services hubs. Pursue an accounting career beginning with an entry or intermediate level position such as the following: Accounts Payable Clerk, Accounts Receivable Clerk, Accounting Assistant, Accounting Clerk, Junior Accountant, Bookkeeper, Intermediate Accountant, Payroll Clerk, and Tax Assistant. However, it is very challenging for new immigrant or new graduate to find the first accounting job, you may experience many difficulties during job-hunt. Without accounting work experience, your resume would not even pass the first screen in the hiring process. Even if you got interview opportunities, the lack of experience will shake your confidence in answering technical questions. Our training & Co-op grogram is well designed to help you overcome these difficulties. After going through the program, you will acquire valuable accounting experience to build your confidence, great tips on modifying your resume, preparing for an interview and most importantly, a strong reference from our firm. Over the last few years, we have opened career doors for many students and new immigrants with job finding success ratio of over 95%. 

We Train Multi-task Accounting Staff For Employers 

In order to reduce operating expenses, owners of small to medium size companies are looking to be more hands on in running their own business, having some accounting knowledge surely is a great help to them.  

Meanwhile, some employers are looking to have their trusted administrative staff gain some accounting knowledge and take on simple accounting tasks such as book keeping . 

We provide customized accounting training program to meet your needs. Our training in this category includes:
  • Common questions and solutions during tax audit
  • Preparation of various tax forms such as: HST form, WSIB form, Pay-roll Tax form etc. 
  • Difference between T4, T4A and T5018
  • Preparation of year-end tax filing
  • Preparation of various internal supporting documentation
Our Advantages
  • Training instructed by CGA with more than 12 years of accounting and taxation experience.
  • Small-sized program offering full attention and training to guarantee satisfaction
  • Real accounting firm working environment
  • Practice using real cases instead of learning from blackboard
  • Representative cases which are selected from different industries, specially for training
  • Schedule designed on different focuses for each trainee based on individual background and needs
  • A profound reference from our accounting firm. 
Program Details

Simply Accounting
CaseWare & CaseView
  • CaseWare function: Chart of Accounts, Trial Balance, General Ledger, Journal Entries, and Mapping 
  • How to use CaseWare for Bookkeeping 
  • How to prepare Lead Sheet and various Working Paper 
  • Differentiate Adjusting Entries and Reclassifying Entries 
  • How to use CaseView to produce financial reports
  • How to produce GIFI Code and transfer to CanTax T2 to finalize corporate tax return
CanTax T1 (Personal Tax) 
  • T4,T4A, T3 and T5, etc. 
  • Deductible employment expenses 
  • Rental Income and expenses 
  • Self-employment income and expenses 
  • GST/HST rebate 
  • Child benefits 
  • Childcare expense 
  • Senior benefits 
  • Dividends 
  • Capital gains or loss
  • CCA and asset amortization
CanTax T2 (Corporation Tax) 
  • Initial information set-up 
  • GIFI balance sheet, income statement 
  • CCPC and SBC 
  • Non-deductible expenses 
  • S1 reconciliation of net income 
  • Capital asset amortization (CCA) 
  • Leasehold Improvement 
  • Loss carry-back and carry-forward 
  • Tax planning
Payroll software (CPP, EI, Income Tax) 
  • CPP, EI and income tax withholding 
  • WSIB 

Important Dates
Program Length : 6 weeks
Prgram Frequency: 6 sessions a year 
Daily Hour : 10 am to 3 pm 

International Education Consulting Services
  • Constantly updated study advice and the latest news
  • Years of ranking for prestigious schools and majors
  • Early settlement accommodation and intimate flight pick-up service
  • Study experience tour
 Immigration Consulting Services
  • PNP Provincial Nominee Program
  • PNP Entrepreneur Stream
  • One-stop immigration service for application
  • Guarantee letter is provided by a Certified Professional Accountant
  • Help new immigrants to find reliable investment opportunities
  • Provide advice and guidance on wealth management

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