SunPros Financial Group Ltd 

SunPros Financial Group Ltd is committed to provide our customers with high-quality value-added financial products and services. In order to offer a more thoughtful financial services and technical support, our business covers the topics centered on risk management, investment portfolio, tax planning, estate planning, corporation architecture design, and the transfer of company's assets. There are professionals available here for providing you the best services.

To be more specific, our featured services including insurance series(life insurance series, critical disease insurance, travel medical insurance), segregated funds investment, mortgage series,  premium syndicated mortgage fund,  capital investment, and assets management. 

What we can offer

Insurance Series

  •  Premiums refund type
  •  Whole life insurance
  •  Comprehensive life insurance
  •  Term life insurance
  •  Critical disease insurance Travel medical insurance
Segregated Funds Investment​
  •  What is segregated fund?
  •  The difference between segregated fund and mutual fund  
  •  The advantages of segregated fund
  •  Classification
Mortgage Series
  • A wide range of mortgage loan items that include housing loans, business loans, construction loans, commercial loans and land development loans, which meet customer needs to a great extent
  • Professional loan advice for new and old immigrants with detailed floating rate notes
  • Loan analysis for low-income, self-employed person
  • Professional analysis of large construction loans
  • Professional analysis of industrial and commercial property loans
Premium Syndicated Mortgage
  • Low risk, high rate of return
  • Professional market analysis and planning
  • The most up-to-date loan information
  • New investment opportunities for joint real estates
  • Detailed investment planning and capital needed

Corporation Tax Planning

  • Identify the parent company and overseas subsidiaries correct framework to achieve the minimize of overall taxes and operating costs
  • Establish health insurance and welfare using company’s pre-tax profit for the employees and shareholders
  • Determine whether to protect company’s assets and optimizing tax through the holding company
  • With only a 15.5% corporation tax retained earnings, to buy investment type insurance as their accumulated pension, and ultimately withdraw the value-added tax exemption retained earnings from the company
Investment Immigrant and High Assets and high income earners Tax Planning
  • How to reduce taxes through setting up business for the high-income earners
  • How to correctly declare foreign income and safely transfer the overseas assets
  • How to utilize existing assets to ensure their children have a better life
  • Why RRSP is not necessarily the best tool for accumulating pension
  • How to invest for their accumulated pension without affecting Government Pension


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