Mortgaged Series
Mortgage Loan
SunPros Financial Group Ltd offers a complete range of services from registered companies, business proposals to commercial loans and tax planning. Our mortgage loan service is mainly for
  • Housing, investment housing and various types of commercial property loans
  • Farm loan
  • Second-lien mortgage
  • Construction land loan
  • Construction loan
  • Commercial property loan
  • Government-guaranteed small business loans
  • Equipment loan, business loan, personal credit loan
  • New business assessment and financial analysis
  • Land development loan
  • Infrastructure loans for large-scale mineral, oil, gas and communications projects, and energy or equipment loans
Program description for various types of housing, industrial and commercial property
  • Newcomers: down payment 35%, 5-year floating 2.1% and above; down payment of 10-15%, a fixed rate from 3% and above
  • Non-residents (holding visiting visa, working visa, etc.): down payment 35%-50%, 5-year floating 2.1% and above; down payment 10%-15%, a fixed rate from 3% and above
  • Low-income old migrants: down payment 20%-35%, 5-year floating 2.1% and above; down payment 10%-15%, a fixed rate from 3.69% and above
  • Low-income self-employed: the down payment can be as low as 5%-10%, 5-year floating 2.1%
  • House changing and house restructuring loan: penalty relief and other exemptions from other types of fees
  • Large building loan 4% interest; rich experience in handling land development and construction loans
  • Commercial and industrial property loans from 4% interest and above; providing customized mortgage for refined industrial and commercial property, including gas stations, churches, office buildings, retail properties, warehouses, and factories, and service for editing business plan