We provide much more than accounting and taxation services. We are at your disposal to assist with a number of essential business and financial considerations. The list of financial and advisory services that we can provide includes:
  • Preparing business plans and applying for business loans
  • Providing tax consulting and preparing working paper for corporation acquisition and share capital reorganization
  • Setting up accounting and internal control Systems
  • Preparing multi-year business cash flow projections and budgets.
  • Preparing business evaluation and assisting with the marketing and sale of an existing business.
  • Providing part-time controllership services to small business
  • Financial planning services (business succession planning, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance planning)
In terms of business consulting, Sun, CPA, Professional Corporation has many years of experience. We not only assisted a number of companies to establish a sound management system, but also provided them the most effective advice to identified and repaired loopholes of the management system by combining with their own strategic direction.

It is worth noting that our accounting staff can be assigned to temporarily undertake the position of CFO for small and medium enterprises; this approach can provide the SMEs that willing to outsource their financial services with our formal and rigorous accounting services. In addition, Sun, CPA, Professional corporation also offers other services, including related business evaluation, business consulting, feasibility plan, and service of acquisitions and asset restructuring. We have CPA to help apply for government-guaranteed small business loans, lift immigration conditions for entrepreneur stream, and provide professional advice on finance planning.