With a wide range of employer resources, we provide quality two-way human resource services.

On the one hand, we offer our students a professional career plan tailored by experienced immigration experts to help them experience the real interview and work environment and to enter the accounting industry Co-op project. It should be noted that this project will be carried out through classroom teaching and practical operation, based on a formal business case, to help interns gain valuable Canadian accounting experience. Lectured by a Chartered Professional Accountant with more than 20 years of work experience, the interns will be instructed with the training of accounting theory and commonly used accounting software. After the internship period, interns can obtain the reference provided by SunPros International Consulting Ltd. We uphold a serious and responsible attitude, starting from the actual situation of job seekers, to provide the most valuable employment guidance. Another thing should also be noted that our consultants once served as senior accountants and corporate finance directors at major accounting firms in Canada; From a more professional perspective, they can offer job seekers with resume modification and interviewing skills.

On the other hand, we help companies to easily recruit financial, accounting, management talents, flexibly provide part-time or full-time employees according to employers' needs, and furnish employer with part-time financial services to help customers audit company accounts and solve related problems. Since SunPros International Consulting Ltd has long provided professional training for all types of organizations, companies and enterprises, we have gained considerable prestige in the industry.