Company Info

SunPros International Group is a Toronto-based comprehensive group corporation. We have a sound governance structure, a robust management system, a solid professional capacity, a wealth of local experience and a wide range of global network.
We are devoted to helping with your business success, building a strong and comprehensive platform, and facilitating trade cooperation between China and Canada from a long-term perspective.

SunPros International Group has a plenty of expertise in extensive business fields, such as accounting and taxation; finance and insurance; capital investment; financial mortgage; assets management; human resource, immigration and educational consulting; real estate investment and development.
In order to serve our customers better, we have four subsidiaries that take charge of these corresponbing businesses.
“Mountain High, Pros on Your Side”

Our mission is to provide professional, prompt and comprehensive services to our clients since SunPros has established. Customer satisfaction is our priority; Quality and integrity are our core value proposition. 

Our vision is to become one of the top performers in the industry, provide professional services to our clients, and fulfill the duty to accelerate the pace of globalization.